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Rapid Check-Ins Data Collection


  • As educators conduct rapid check-ins with students, they need a way to document important information learned during these interactions.


  • The first form is a tool for teachers to collect student data surrounding academics, behavior, and other relevant information that may indicate their overall well-being.
  • The second form is an organizational tool for counselors to collect student data which may be relevant to their social-emotional welfare.
  • These data may then be shared at educator team meetings and/or used to develop a solution to address any student issues or problems.


  • Ongoing collection and use of student data


  • School personnel may distribute the following forms and record data using a paper format or electronically by integrating the template into a system such as BASIS, FileMaker Pro, Google Drive, etc.

Download Teacher Rapid Check-Ins Data form here: Teacher Rapid Check Ins Data (pdf); Teacher Rapid Check Ins Data (doc)

Download Counselor Rapid Check-Ins Data form here: Counselor Rapid Check Ins Data (pdf); Counselor Rapid Check Ins Data (doc)

counselor data

Connections to Other Components

  • Teachers may use the first form to record the details that emerge from their rapid check-ins with students, while counselors may use the second form to record data that surfaces through their interactions with students.
  • These data may then be cross-compared to develop a composite picture of the whole student(s) and their needs, as well as used during future rapid check-ins or other interactions.
  • These findings may additionally be shared at educator team meetings to develop a plan for addressing any student issues that arise.


  • Teacher Rapid Check-Ins Data Form
  • Counselor Rapid Check-Ins Data Form

Download full document here: Rapid Check Ins Data Collection (pdf); Rapid Check Ins Data Collection (doc)