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Student Interest and Learning Survey


  • A student feedback survey can help educators understand students’ interests and learning preferences.


  • This tool allows teachers to gather data on students’ interests and learning needs.
  • It can serve as a reference to use during rapid check-ins with students, as well as when planning lessons, classroom activities, and assignments.


  • It is suggested that this survey be distributed to students during the first week of the semester or school year, either during a content course or a PASL study hall period.
  • The survey should take no more than 20 minutes for students to complete.


  • Teachers are advised to distribute this survey to students at the beginning of the course or period.
  • The survey may delivered in paper format or online based on the preferences of the school.
  • Once completed, teachers may be able to use the responses from this survey to build rapport with students during rapid check-ins
  • Teacher may also reference survey responses to plan lessons which merge students’ interests and goals with the content being taught.

Download the Student Interest and Learning Survey here: Student Interest & Learning Survey (pdf); Student Interest & Learning Survey (doc)

Connections to Other Components

  • This student survey will help teachers to understand their students’ learning styles and interests, and by extension, facilitate educators’ creation of lessons and classroom activities that meet the needs of their students.
  • The information gathered from this survey may also be used during rapid check-ins with students to build rapport and facilitate adult-student connections.


  • Student Interest and Learning Survey

Download full document here: Student Interests and Learning Survey Activity (pdf); Student Interests and Learning Survey Activity (doc)