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Quarterly Review of Student Data


  • Using data intentionally requires a regular review of the many forms of data about students that schools routinely collect.


  • The following are two templates for school administrators and/or staff to track individual and group quarterly student data across a wide range of academic and social-emotional indicators.

Quarterly Individual Student DataCanva - null

  • The first template is a tool that can be used to facilitate the organization and collection of individual student data surrounding a variety of academic and social-emotional indicators (including course-taking, grades, school involvement, behavior, absences, etc.).
  • The data may be used to provide an individualized overview of each student and their in-school participation.
  • Furthermore, the data may be used to uncover any student issues which arise and facilitate educator team discussions on how to address these problems.
  • The document is best for reviewing the quarterly growth and/or decline of individual students.

Quarterly Group Student Data

  • The second template can be used as an organizational tool for the collection of data (i.e. course track, behavior, school involvement, etc.) for groups of students.
  • The document provides space to record data for multiple students, therefore allowing educators and administrators to easily compare data across students and detect those who may be falling behind their peers.
  • Such students may then be targeted for more specialized attention to alleviate any issues or problems.


  • Quarterly collection of student data


  • School personnel may distribute the following templates using whatever format they prefer, whether that be a hard copy paper format or through the use of an electronic tool.
  • Administrators and educators may review the data collected using these templates to inform decisions on how to proceed with addressing the needs of their students.
  • More specifically, school personnel may use group student data to identify students who may be struggling in comparison to their peers
  • The individual student data may offer a more nuanced depiction of how a particular student is doing and in what specific areas they could use additional support.

Download Quarterly Individual Student Data template here: Quarterly Individual Student Data (pdf); Quarterly Individual Student Data (doc)

Download Quarterly Group Student Data template here: Quarterly Group Student Data (pdf); Quarterly Group Student Data (doc)

quarterly data

Connections to Other Components

  • Administrators may use these template in conjunction with the rapid check-in data collection documents provided to teachers and counselors.
  • Together, these documents may provide a more rich and nuanced depiction of students’ academic and social-emotional well-being, as well as provide a way for school leaders to compare academic and social-emotional indicators across their student populations.
  • Furthermore, the data detailed in this document may also be shared during educator team meetings to detect and address any student issues or problems which have emerged.


  • Quarterly Individual Student Data template
  • Quarterly Group Student Data template

Download full document here: Quarterly Review of Student Data (pdf); Quarterly Review of Student Data (doc)