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Teacher/Staff Feedback Survey


  • Collecting data from faculty and staff can help improve PASL implementation.


  • This anonymous teacher/staff feedback survey includes a variety of questions to gauge teachers’ and staff members’ opinions surrounding the implementation of PASL at their school.
  • The following tool provides an opportunity for teachers and staff to offer feedback with regards to their school’s implementation of PASL.
  • By extension, administrators may evaluate teachers’ and staffs’ survey responses to better understand areas which are in need of improvement.
  • The survey results may also be used to facilitate dialogue during educator team meetings and prompt discussions of potential solutions.


  • It is suggested that this survey be distributed at least annually.


  • The survey may be distributed either in paper format or online according to the school’s preferences and capabilities.
  • The survey questions detailed below were chosen to gauge teachers’ and staff members’ understanding and implementation of PASL, as well whether or not they feel supported to fulfill the roles expected of them as PASL educators.
  • Administrators may use the results of this survey to better comprehend the practices, strengths, and areas of improvement which are needed to better support the implementation of PASL and to prioritize the needs of teachers, staff members, and by extension, students at the school.
  • It is advised that the survey be anonymous to encourage honesty in reporting and to ensure that teachers and staff feel safe to share their experiences without consequence.

Download Teacher/Staff Feedback Survey here: Teacher_Staff Feedback Survey (pdf); Teacher_Staff Feedback Survey (doc)

Connections to Other Components

  • This teacher/staff survey can supplement discussions between educators, staff members, and administrators surrounding the improvement of school practices.
  • The anonymous survey can be used to collect honest teacher/staff input and prompt dialogue surrounding potential solutions to address deficiencies in PASL implementation.
  • Furthermore, by acknowledging teachers and staff members’ opinions and experiences, administrators can create a sense of ownership amongst PASL educators by prioritizing their involvement during the reflection, planning, and implementation phases of the initiative.


  • Teacher/Staff feedback survey

Download full document here: Teacher_Staff Feedback Survey Activity (pdf); Teacher_Staff Feedback Survey Activity (doc)