M. Shane Hutson

Physics of UV Laser Microsurgery


Most Relevant Publications

  1. A. Jayasinghe, J. Rohner, M.S. Hutson (2011) “Holographic UV laser microsurgery” Biomedical Optics Express 2(9): 2590-2599 (cover article). pdf; animated .gif cover image.
  2. X. Ma, H.E. Lynch, P.C. Scully, M.S. Hutson (2009) “Probing embryonic tissue mechanics with laser hole drilling” Physical Biology 6: 036004 (12pp + 2pp online supplement). pdf
  3. M. S. Hutson and X. Ma (2007) “Plasma and Cavitation Dynamics during Pulsed Laser Microsurgery in vivo”, Physical Review Letters 99(15): 158104 (4pp). pdf; featured news item in Laser Focus World (Nov 2007)Biophotonics (Dec 2007) and Vanderbilt Explorations.