“Religion, Culture, and Art: Their Common Matrix” KEYNOTE SPEECH for ICRCA International Conference on Religion, Culture, and Art, MIGCCA (Modern International Green Culture Communication Association) (Co-Organizers: University of Zagreb, Yun Tech, University of Glasgow)Xi’an, Xianxi, China, September 21-22, 2019 Keynote Speakers   Alean Al-Krenawi, Ph.D. Professor Chair of the BSW Program  Spitzer Department of Social…

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Chinese University of Hong Kong Lecture

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CUEB Beijing Keynote

“Universality of Knowledge and Specialization at the University: A Path from France to China,” KEYNOTE SPEECH for International Academic Conference to Inaugurate the School of Foreign Studies, Beijing Capitol University of Business and Economics (CUEB), Beijing, May 26, 2016

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Regensburg Media Studies Lecture

                            Gastvortrag von William Franke, Professor of Comparative Literature and Religious Studies at Vanderbilt University Donnerstag, 9. Mai | 16:00 Uhr c.t. | H5 “The Fate of Philology in a Logo-decentered Culture: The Challenge of Media Studies” The  revolution of media…

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Dante and Shakespeare, Poitiers

Dante et Shakespeare Programme Liste des intervenants Videorecording: “De Dante à l’Hamlet de Shakespeare : comment la révélation théologique devient croyance en la providence”  youtube link Complete Videorecording of Conference Colloques … [4-6 avril 2019] Dante et Shakespeare : cosmologie, politique, poétique décembre 11, 2018 Vanessa Ernst-Maillet Laisser un commentaire Dante est probablement à la littérature…

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TACMRS 2018 conference

    Welcome to the website of TACMRS 2018, Between Humanity and Divinity: In Literature, Art, Religion and Culture, an interdisciplinary conference organised by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature and the Centre of Language Teaching and Research at National Chi Nan University. Our university is situated in a mountainous area and close to…

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Books by Others about William Franke’s Books + General Review Essays

Books by Others about William Franke’s Books + General Review Essays Contemporary Debates in Negative Theology and Philosophy, eds. Nahum Brown and J. Aaron Simmons (London: Palgrave MacMillan, 2017) (xi + 464 pages), Palgrave Frontiers in Philosophy of Religion Series — includes responses by William Franke to each of fourteen essays.        …

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Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Psychology and the Other, 2019

Dante Salon Call for Papers            

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Video-taped Lectures

Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain (2020)   University of Poitiers, France (2019)   Taiwan, National Chi Nan University (2018)   Chicago, Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies (2018) Beijing, China, World Congress of Philosophy (2018) Brisbane, Australia, St. Francis Theological College of Charles Sturt University (2018) University of York, England (2018) Glasgow University, Scotland (2016) University…

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Tübingen Cusanus lecture 2015

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