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Tübingen Cusanus lecture 2015

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Glasgow Comparative Mysticism Conference Lecture

“Poetry as Prophecy: From Anthropological Origins to Postmodern Apocalypses” KEYNOTE SPEECH for The Prophetic Word: Poetry, Philosophy and Theology in Conversation, The Power of the Word International Conference V, Heythrop Institute for Religion and Society (Heythrop College, University of London) and the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture, Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford VIDEO-RECORDING…

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Frankfurt Seminar July 2016

Frankfurt seminar schedule

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Apophatic Paths from Europe to China: Regions without Borders

Apophatic Paths from Europe to China: Regions Without Borders                                 Video-recorded Lecture: Method and Mysticism in Intercultural Philosophy Video-recorded Lecture: Rethinking Cultural Universality Today and the Question  of Theological Transcendence Publisher’s Website: SUNY Press. Series in Chinese Philosophy and Culture,…

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Notre Dame Annual Religion and Literature Lecture

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York Conference – Beyond Words

Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies   Beyond Words: The Unknowable and the Unutterable in early modernity Posted on 4 June 2018 In this Keynote Address, Prof William Franke closes a conference on the parameters of the unknowable and the unutterable in early modernity. His talk addresses one of the most important figures on…

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Seattle MLA Panel on Secularization and Literature

“Secularization and Literature,” MLA (Modern Language Association) National Convention, Seattle, January 6, 2012 ‘Several of the most provocative, insightful scholars at the intersection of religion and literature will be participating on a panel entitled “Literature and Secularization” (Friday, 3:30-4:45, WSCC 617). Facilitated by Susannah Brietz Monta (Notre Dame, and editor of Religion and Literature), this roundtable…

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Newberry Graduate Workshop on New Theoretical Approaches to Dante

Poetry as Theology: New Theoretical Approaches to Dante, Graduate Workshop, Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies, Chicago, Illinois, February 26, 2015 Poetry as Theology: New Theoretical Approaches to Dante Dante Alighieri, Paradiso, 1502. Click image to enlarge. William Franke, Vanderbilt University Vittorio Montemaggi, University of Notre Dame Research Methods Workshop for Early-Career Graduate Students Friday, February…

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Seminar with Philippe Beck (French Academy Poet Laureate, 2015), October 2015

Seminar with Philippe Beck, Philosophy, University of Macao, October 26, 2015

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CERISY colloquium – with François Jullien

CERISY Colloquium on François Jullien, Cerisy-la-Salle (France) Des Possibles de la pensée: Autour des travaux de François JullienSeptember 14-21, 2013 Des possibles de la pensée, L’itinéraire philosophique de François Jullien Prospectus ProgrammeReportage by Daniel Bougnoux, La Croix Debating with François Jullien (left), Fabian Heubel (right):

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