Parathyroid Perfusion Optical Device

Progress Report 1

Progress report #1:

The first part of our group’s efforts have centered around formation a framework around which design could occur.  This meant exploring the problem statement at further defining the needs. Subsequently, the relevant background information was sought out such that the team could synthesize a set of possible solutions solving each of the needs.

This past week resulted a reevaluation of the problem statement and an ongoing pivot as a result of a meeting with our clinician, Dr. Jim Broome. The team did not understand that the clinical interest in parathyroid viability was a function of perfusion (by the inferior thyroid artery), rather than vascularity.  As such, our prospective imaging techniques will change given a need to examine blood flow.  Additionally, the clinician highlighted ergonomic and aseptic needs. In the coming week we hope to narrow and refine some of the candidate optical methods.  We expect to meet with our faculty advisor, Dr. Mahadevan-Jansen, this week and present our candidate methods for her evaluation.