Parathyroid Perfusion Optical Device

Progress Report 5

Efforts in the weeks of 26 January and 2 February have focused on parallel efforts to troubleshoot laboratory validation of technology and creating a design concept. The team met with Dr. James T. Broome at VUMC to get the a clinical perspective on the use of laser speckle technology to meet clinical need for perfusion data.  Dr. Broome emphasized concerns about sterilization, meaning that a balance of sterility and resolution is an important consideration. Dr. Broome also stated that no threshold exists for parathyroid perfusion when considering viability; such a lack of threshold means that the team will have to consult literature from sufficiently analagous tissues to create an approximate perfusion value threshold.

With Dr. Broome’s advice, a design concept has been formulated. The laser and CCD camera detector will be placed within a sterilizable housing to allow for use in a surgical space. The sterile/nonsterile nature of the arm mounting is still being considered. In order to maintain alignment between the laser and CCD camera, two guide lasers may be used to form a crosshairs to target the parathyroid gland.

Lab validation is continuing. Software assets have been created and the phantom is functional.  The goal is to create and produce speckle images of the phantom.

An examination of necessary parts for the device is forthcoming this weekend.