Parathyroid Perfusion Optical Device

Progress Report 8

The previous two weeks of work have resulted in final design iterations for the device design.  A smaller CCD camera was used in place of the previous one. A search for a new, smaller lens revealed no desirable alternatives to the currently used one; thus, the final system components were validated with the microfluidic phantom.  Sketches to be presented to the machinist were drawn up and dimensioned.  The possibility of animal validation using IACUC was discussed, however, the logistic difficulty means that we have asked graduate students if we may tag onto their optical experiments to use our laser speckling system.  Using biological (animal) substrates is an ideal opportunity for generating POC.

An 1180 request has already been placed in the machinist’s office and machining hopefully will happen in the coming week.  Meetings with mentors to explain the project’s advance to machining are scheduled.