Parathyroid Perfusion Optical Device

Project Conclusion

Our problem statement reflected a need of clinicians to have a means of determining perfusion of parathyroid glands with clinical utility and minimal cost.

Project Conclusion:

We designed a laser speckle imaging system to image the microvasculature of the parathyroid gland and surrounding thyroid bed. A flexible mounting system holds a 650 nm wavelength filter, a CCD camera with macro lens, 650 nm (red) guide lasers, and a 650 nm imaging laser with diverging lens.

Commercial laser speckle systems cost in the tens of thousands of dollars; our system utilizes commercially available lasers costing $12 and components costing no more than several hundreds of dollars.

This system may be further improved to enhance clinical utility.

Please review our Additional Resources section to find a Prezi presentation outlining the project and details of the final device.  A presentation poster with greater narrative depth is may also be found in the Additional Resources section.