Parathyroid Perfusion Optical Device

Progress Report 7

The previous two weeks of work have resulted in significant laboratory validation.  Following implementation of microfluidic  pump into the microfluidic phantom setup, significantly improved laser speckle contrast was seen.  Modifications to working distance and other parameters were also valuable to improving system performance.  The setup has been revised recently to prepare for final machining.  Following instruction from Dr. Mahadevan-Jansen, the lab grade He-Ne laser is being replaced by a low cost, consumer grade laser pointer.  Also per Dr. MJ’s suggestion the CCD camera may be replaced, although a substitute candidate was found to be inappropriate to image acquisition.

Itamar Shapira and James Tatum met with John Fellenstein in the physics building machine shop, discussing broader parameters surrounding the project machining possibilities.  Once Dr. MJ’s requested revisions are resolved, a sketch will be delivered to John for machining.  Subsequently, the team will generate testing and proof of concept of the final design for parathyroid perfusion determination, or an analogous flow setting.