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Looking to hire a postdoctoral fellow

A postdoctoral position is available in the Biophotonics Lab of the Dept of Physics & Astronomy (https://my.vanderbilt.edu/shanehutson/lab/) to investigate how biomechanics and biochemical signaling coordinate to regulate biological tissue repair. The postdoctoral research will focus on cellular responses to laser-induced micro-wounds – from calcium signals that begin in milliseconds and are then sustained for hours…

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Paper on a biomechanical model of GBR published in Biophys. J.

June 4, 2019 Research led by postdoc Ty McCleery is published today in Biophysical Journal. This paper details a cell-level finite-element model that captures the biomechanics of germband retraction (GBR) – a developmental stage that occurs during fruit fly embryogenesis. Check out the video abstract below. W.T. McCleery, J. Veldhuis, M.E. Bennett, H.E. Lynch, X….

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Best paper award for graduate student Kazi Tasneem

April 15, 2019 Graduate student Kazi Tasneem was awarded by the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering for writing the Best Research Paper by a 2nd/3rd-Year Student. Congratulations Kazi!

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Paper on PDMS-chemical interactions published in Lab on a Chip

January 29, 2019 Research led by graduate students Alex Auner and Kazi Tasneem has been published in the journal Lab on a Chip. A. Auner, K.M. Tasneem, D.A. Markov, L.J. McCawley and M.S. Hutson (2019) “Chemical-PDMS Binding Kinetics and Implications for Bioavailability in Microfluidic Devices” Lab on a Chip, 19: 864-874, https://dx.doi.org/10.1039/C8LC00796A.

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New NIH grant awarded for studying wound-induced Ca2+ signals

August 6, 2018 The NIH has awarded a new four-year R01 grant on “Cellular Integration of Information in the Detection and Response to Epithelial Damage” to Professors Andrea Page-McCaw and Shane Hutson. This will further our studies of wound-induced calcium signals and how they direct cellular responses.

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Congrats to now-Dr. Alex Auner

August 15, 2018 Congratulations to graduate student and now PhD scientist Alex Auner who successfully defended his dissertation “Biophysical Techniques to Quantify Tissue Mechanical Forces and Chemical Kinetics.” Alex is headed next to a Visiting Professorship at Hampden-Syndey College where he will begin teaching in the fall.

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Congratulatons to the now-Dr. Aroshan Jayasinghe

Graduate student Aroshan Jayasinghe successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation: “Biomechanics of Dorsal Closure Studied using Holographic Laser Microsurgery”. Well done. Congratulations to the now-Dr. Aroshan Jayasinghe!

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Congratulations to the now-Dr. Holley Lynch

Graduate student Holley Lynch successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation: “Investigating Cell and Tissue Mechanics during Drosophila Embryogenesis using Laser Microsurgery”. Well done. Congratulations to the now-Dr. Holley Lynch!

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SeedWater Segmenter paper published

Research led by graduate student David Mashburn was recently published: D.N. Mashburn, H.E. Lynch, X. Ma, M.S. Hutson (2012) “Enabling user-guided segmentation and tracking of surface-labeled cells in time-lapse image sets of living tissues” Cytometry A 81A(5): 409–418. This article details a method for improving the interactivity of watershed segmentation algorithms. With this improvement, one…

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Graduate student Monica Lacy awarded NSF Graduate Fellowship

Second-year graduate student Monica Lacy has been awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations Monica!

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