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Designing the Future of Immunotherapy

Written by Dr. Todd Giorgio, Professor of Biomedical Engineering From cancer to diabetes and chronic infections, our immune system plays an important role in nearly every disease. Accordingly, harnessing the power and exquisite specificity of the immune system has enormous – and still largely untapped – potential to improve human health and wellbeing. Therapeutics that…

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Symposium on Modeling Immunity set for April 27

Symposium Flier The Vanderbilt Center for Structural Biology and Vanderbilt Vaccine Center invite you to attend the 2017 Symposium on Modeling Immunity on April 27. Hosted from 1 – 4:30 p.m., in MRB3 room 1220,this symposium will focus on modeling and designing antibodies. The list of confirmed speakers includes: Sarel Fleishman, Ph.D. – Senior Scientist,…

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School of Medicine professor David Aronoff (right) discusses his 2015 TIPs award "The Vanderbilt Pre3 Initiative."

TIPs Fair and Reception showcases 14 projects, including the Vanderbilt Pre3 Initiative

View TIPs Fair photo gallery Written by Vanderbilt School of Medicine professor David Aronoff On March 20, the Vanderbilt Pre3 Initiative (Preventing adverse Pregnancy outcomes & Prematurity) was one of 14 Trans-Institutional Programs (TIPs) that participated in the TIPs Fair and Reception, a networking event designed to highlight a diverse cross-section of existing TIPs projects…

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G. Krupsky

The Rhythm of Research in the Music Cognition Lab

Written by Vanderbilt junior Genevieve Kupsky, a pre-med Medicine, Health and Society major with a Violin minor in the college of Arts and Sciences The world of pre-meds at Vanderbilt is unforgiving, lonely and at times unrewarding. It is a community of students with the determination of steel and a “do it or die trying” attitude….

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ARMA Lab: Giving Surgeons a Sense of Touch

Written by Department of Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. students Long Wang and Rashid Yasin This blog is a follow-up to the previous article by Amy Wolf, “giving surgical robots a human touch“, which featured Dr. Nabil Simaan and his lab, Advanced Robotics and Mechanism Applications (ARMA). ARMA Lab, one of the labs under Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering…

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Members of the “The Nation’s Health” University Course pose before the Tennessee State Capitol during their recent day on the hill.

Calling A Congressional Representative

Calling your congressional representative and expressing a policy position is one of the easiest ways to directly engage with the policy process, but making the initial call can be daunting and frightening for many people. Not knowing who will answer your call or how receptive the person on the other end of the phone will…

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Vanderbilt Law School Professor Edward Rubin

Notes on a Visit to TPFW, the Tennessee Prison for Women

Written by Vanderbilt Law School Professor Edward Rubin One’s first impression of TPFW, the Tennessee Prison for Women, is that it excessively ferocious-looking – high chicken wire fences festooned with rolls of concertina wire at the top and bottom. The sun was shining when we visited the prison, but the  daylight appeared garish as it…

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Zika Virus Infection and Ocular Disease in Children

Written by Donald J. Alcendor, Associate Professor at Meharry Medical College, Associate Adjunct Professor, in the Department of Cancer Biology at Vanderbilt (research in the Alcendor lab at Meharry, which is affiliated with the Pre3 Initiative) The Zika virus belongs to the Flavirvirus family of viruses that is spreading on a global scale. Outbreaks in…

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Professor Nabil Simaan for the Mechanical Engineering departmental brochure. (John Russell/Vanderbilt University)

Advanced Robotics and Mechanism Applications (ARMA)

Written by Nabil Simaan, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Otolaryngology Advanced Robotics and Mechanism Applications (ARMA) is focused on advanced robotics research, including robotics, mechanism design, control and telemanipulation for medical applications. We focus on enabling technologies that necessitate novel design solutions that require contributions in design modeling and control. ARMA has led the…

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Three members of the MASI lab: Allison Hainline, Prasanna Parvathaneni, and Vishwesh Nath.

MASI Lab: Connecting clinical neuroscience with advanced technological imaging analysis

Written by: Vishwesh Nath, Vanderbilt University graduate research assistant (Masters) Prasanna Parvathaneni,Vanderbilt University graduate research assistant (Ph.D) Allison Hainline,Vanderbilt University graduate research assistant (Ph.D) At the Medical Imaging and Statistical Interpretation (MASI) lab the first thing you notice is the active environment encouraging, friendly interaction. The principal investigator of this project, Bennett Landman, Ph.D., is right…

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