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Vanderbilt Center for Autism and Innovation Hosts Launch Event at Wond’ry

Introduction Blog (Aug. 1, 2017) The Vanderbilt Center for Autism and Innovation launched its showcase at the Wond’ry on Tuesday, August 22. The launch event featured remarks from individuals involved with the project and several demos highlighting some of the research being conducted by center team members. The showcase event kicked off with an introductory video,…

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Billy and Jennifer Frist's visit to Maithilee Kunda's lab.  They have a son with autism and are starting a local nonprofit to put people on the autism spectrum to work!.(John Russell/Vanderbilt University)

Introducing the Center for Autism and Innovation

Written by Dr. David Caudel, Executive Director – Center for Autism and Innovation The Center for Autism and Innovation, a collaborative project that brings together engineers, scientists, disabilities researchers and business scholars from across Vanderbilt’s campus, was recently named a recipient of one of the university’s 2017 Trans-Institutional Programs (TIPs) awards. Many adults on the…

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HPV map1

What do you know about HPV infection and the cancers HPV causes? 

Written by Ronald D. Alvarez, Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology Infections cause more than 2 million cases of cancer worldwide annually, accounting for approximately 15 percent of all new cancer cases. HPV is second only to Helicobacter pylori as one of the most cancer-causing pathogens, resulting in more than 600,000 cases of cancer worldwide each year. In…

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