Ancient Greece


Alexander the Great Nikos Kazantzakis

Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of the Iliad Rosemary Sutcliff

Dark of the Moon Tracy Barratt

Dido Adele Geras

Goddess of Yesterday Caroline Cooney

Heather, Oak, and Olive Rosemary Sutcliff

Inside the Walls of Troy Clarence McLaren

Ithaka Adele Geras

King of Ithaka Tracy Barrett

Land of the Thundering Herds Justin Denzel

Nobody’s Princess Esther Friesner

Nobody’s Prize Esther Friesner

Odysseus Geraldine McCaughrean

Odyssey (graphic novel) Gareth Hinds

Pankration: The Ultimate Game Dyan Blacklock

Return to the Painted Cave Justin Denzel

The Bronze Bow Elizabeth George Speare

The Courtesan’s Daughter Priscilla Galloway

The Dawn Palace: The Story of Medea Helen M. Hanover

The Golden Prince Ken Catran

The Moon Riders Theresa Tomlinson

The Truce of the Games Rosemary Sutcliff

The Wanderings of Odysseus Rosemary Sutcliff

Troy Adele Geras

Voyage of the Snake Lady Theresa Tomlinson

Voyage with Jason Ken Catran