Transmedia Stories

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“Stories on paper are static. Digital stories can expand in any direction, with multiple entry points that allow for a deeper and more flexible user-centered experience. Transmedia is able to accommodate a variety of learning styles, motivate extended learning beyond a single format or session, offer opportunities for connected or self-directed learning, and engage participants on an emotional level. Paper can and may always be a part of the experience, but the act of reading is no longer limited to a linear format” (Parker & MacDonald, 2014, p. 1).

3:15 Patrick Carmen

Bzrk Michael Grant

Cathy’s Book Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman

Cathy’s Key Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman

Cathy’s Ring Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman

Chopsticks Jessica Anthony, Rodrigo Corral


Ghosts in the Machine Patrick Carmen

Gift Andrea J. Buchanan

Inanimate Alice Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph

MirrorWorld Cornelia Funke

Neomad Big hART

Ruby Skye PI

Skeleton Creek Patrick Carmen

The Crossbones Patrick Carmen

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl Paige McKenzie (and Youtube series)

The Raven Patrick Carmen

To This Day Shane Koyczan

Trackers Patrick Carmen