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A Magical History Emma Hart

A Warlock in Whitby Robin Jarvis

A Witch in Winter Ruth Warburton

A Wrinkle in Time Madeleine L’Engle

Always a Witch Carolyn MacCullough

Any Witch Way Anastaysia Savage

Apprentice Rachel E. Carter

Ava Hannah Hoffmeister

Awakening Cate Tiernan

Banish Nicola Marsh

Beastly Alex Finn

Beautiful Chaos Kami Garcia

Beautiful Creatures Kami Garcia

Beautiful Darkness Kami Garcia

Beautiful Redemption Kami Garcia

Blackheath Gabriella Lepore

Blood Magic Tessa Gratton

Blood Spell Amalie Howard

Blood Witch Cate Tiernan

Bloodlines Lindsay Anne Kendal

Bloodlines Richelle Mead

Blue Moon Isobel Bird

Book of Shadows Cate Tiernan

Born at Midnight C.C.Hunter

Born Wicked Jessica Spotswood

Bound by Duty Stormy Smith

Bras & Broomsticks Sarah Mlynowski

Changeling Cate Tiernan

Charmed Michelle Krys

Chime Franny Billingsly

Dangerous Creatures Kami Garcia

Dangerous Dream Kami Garcia

Dark Magic Cate Tiernan

Daughter of Chaos Jen McConnel

Dealing with Dragons Patricia C. Wrede

Demonglass Rachel Hawkins

Devil’s Frost Heidi R. King

Dream Dark Kami Garcia

Duplicity Nikki Jefford

Eclipse Cate Tiernan

Enchantment Nikki Jefford

Entangled Nikki Jefford

Enter Three Witches Carolyn Cooney

Firewalker Josephine Angelini

First Year Rachel E. Carter

Frogs & French Kisses Sarah Mlynowski

Full Circle Cate Tiernan

Half Bad Sally Green

Half Wild Sally Green

Haunting the Deep Adriana Mather

Heir of Fire Sarah J. Maas

Heirs of War, Crown of Flame Mara Valderran

Hex Hall Rachel Hawkins

Hexed Michelle Krys

Hexen Haus Nikki McWaters

Hollywood Witch Hunter Valerie Tejeda

How I Found You Gabrielle Lepore

How to Hang a Witch Adriana Mather

In the Dreaming Isobel Bird

Isla Stone: Witch Way Ellis Maton

Jinx Meg Cabot

Just a Pawn Emma Hart

Life’s a Spell Lucy Adlington

Making the Saint Isobel Bird

Merry Meet Isobel Bird

Night Witches Tessa Gratton

Night’s Child Cate Tiernan

Old Magic Marianne Curley

Once a Witch Carolyn MacCullough

Origins Cate Tiernan

Paradox Child J. Yates

Parties & Potions Sarah Mlynowski

Plain Kate Erin Bow

Prophecy Emma Hart

Pucker Up R.A. Gates

Queen of Shadows Sarah J. Maas

Reckoning Cate Tiernan

Reckless Magic Rachel Higginson

Rhymes with Witches Lauren Myracle

Ring of Light Isobel Bird

Second Sight Isobel Bird

Seeker Cate Tiernan

Shifting Shadows Amanda Kelly

Shillingstone Witch Ben Blossman

Silent Circle Cassandra Larsen

Sisters’ Fate Jessica Spotswood

Something Witchy This Way Comes Veronica Blade

So Mote it Be Isobel Bird

So You Want to be a Wizard Diane Duane

Spellbinding Maya Gold

Spell Bound Rachel Hawkins

Spellbound Cara Lynn Shutz

Spellbound Cate Tiernan

Spellcaster Claudia Gray

Spellcaster Cara Lynn Shutz

Spells & Sleeping Bags Sarah Mlynowski

Strife Cate Tiernan

Taranor Helen Ellwood

Ten Things We Did Sarah Mlynowski

Tethered Brandi Leigh Hall

Texas Gothic Rosemary Clement-Moore

The Awakening Kelley Armstrong

The Beginning of the End Emma Hart

The Bloodkeeper Tessa Gratton

The Book of Lost Souls Michelle Muto

The Calling Cate Tiernan

The Captive L.J. Smith

The Circle Sara Bergmark Elfgren

The Coven Cate Tiernan

The Crystal Goddess and the Wish Keeper Kristin Groulx

The Curse of the Moonless Knight Kristin Groulx

The Demon Magician Alex Dunn

The Door of a Thousand Keys Kristin Groulx

The Gleaning Heidi R. King

The House of Winter Isobel Bird

The Initiation L.J. Smith

The Last Witch Debbie Dee

The Near Witch Victoria Schwab

The Oracle and the Missing Dryad Kristin Groulx

The Power L.J. Smith

The Reckoning Kelley Armstrong

The Secret Circle: The Divide Aubrey Clark

The Secret Circle: The Hunt Aubrey Clark

The Secret Circle: The Temptation Aubrey Clark

The Secret Promise: Return of the Wishing Star Kristin Groulx

The Short Life of Sparrows Erum Cole

The Summoning Kelley Armstrong

The Third Witch Rebecca Reisart

The Whitby Child Robin Jarvis

The Whitby Witches Robin Jarvis

The Witch is Back Brittany Geragotelis

The Witch’s Curse David James

Therian Thropy J. Yates

Through the Veil Isobel Bird

Torment Lindsay Anne Kendal

Trial By Fire Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Truth, Lies, and Betrayal Josephine Angelini

Underground Rose Sara Burr

Under My Hat: Tales from the Cauldron Jonathan Strahan

What the Cards Said Isobel Bird

What the Spell? Brittany Geragotelis

Wise Child Monica Furlong

Witch’s Brew Heidi R. King

Witch Child Celia Rees

Witch Fall Amber Argyle

Witch Song Amber Argyle

Witchfall L.J. Smith

WitchlightNikki Jefford

Witchstruck Victoria Lamb

Witches of the Glass Castle Gabrielle Lenore

Written in the Stars Isobel Bird