Connections to Math



Occasionally, math folks ask for recommendations that connect YA books and math concepts.



All of the Above Shelley Pearsall

An Abundance of Katherines John Green

Do the Math #1 Secrets, Lies, and Algebra Wendy Lichtman

Do the Math #2 The Writing on the Wall Wendy Lichtman

Drop Lisa Papademitiou

Evil Genius Catherine Jinks

Forever Changes Brendan Halpin

Geek High (Series) Piper Banks

Hannah, Divided Adele Griffin

Harvey Plotter and the Circle of Irrationality Nathan Carter/Dan Kalman

Kid Power Susan Beth Pfeffer

Lawn Boy Gary Paulsen

Night of the Frightening Fractions Robert Black

Night of the Paranormal Patterns Robert Black

Pythagoras Eagle & the Music of the Spheres Anne Carse Nolting

She is Not Invisible Marcus Sedgwick

The Cinderella Theorem Kristee Ravan

The Dot and The Line Norton Juster

The Number Devil Hans Magnus Enzensberger

The Rithmatist Monika Schroder

The Square Root of Summer Harriet Hapgood