Characters who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing


Being Jazmine Cecily Anne Paterson

Deaf Child Crossing Marlee Matlen

Different Ways of Being Alan Balter

El Deafo Cece Bell

Freak City Kathrin Schrocke translated from German by Tammi Reichel

Goodbye Tchaikovsky by Michael Thal

Invincible Cecily Anne Paterson

Invisible Cecily Anne Paterson

Silence Deborah Lytton

Silence In Center Jody Studdard

Silence in the Wild: A Summer in Maine Dale C Jellison

Smelly Hearing Aids and Fishy Lips: A Deaf Teenager’s Journal Marc Heyez

The Sound of All Things Myron Uhlberg

The Wishing Pearl (Diamond Estates #1) Nicole O’Dell

Tone Deaf Olivia Rivers

Until I’m Safe Jane Grace

Waiting for a Sign Esty Schachter

You’re Welcome, Universe Whitney Gardner