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December, 2017

Congrats to Adam Dunkelberger and Chase Ellis on getting our paper accepted in Nature Photonics!

Dec. 18, 2017—Check out our paper demonstrating ultrafast tuning of phonon polariton resonances within silicon carbide and indium phosphide nanostructures using carrier injection. Active tuning of surface phonon polariton resonances via carrier photoinjection

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December, 2018 – Congrats to Tom Folland, who officially received his Ph.D.

Dec. 15, 2017—Congrats TOM, it is an honor to have you onboard!

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Our work on isotopically enriched hBN was highlighted in the press!

Dec. 12, 2017—Here is a link to the press release.

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Congrats to Alex Giles on his Nature Materials paper!

Dec. 11, 2017—Our work on the use of isotopic enrichment to enhance phonon polariton propagation was published in Nature Materials and will appear in print in the February Edition! Ultralow-loss polaritons in isotopically pure boron┬ánitride

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