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Novel IR Materials

Atomic-scale Crystalline Hybrids (Joseph Matson) –

Nanoscale Electromagnetic Hybrids (Joseph Matson) –

Polaritonic Hybridization (ONR, Ryan Nolen) –

Hyperbolic Infrared Optical Materials (Tom Folland and Ryan Nolen) –

Novel IR Devices

Tailored Thermal Emitters (Ryan Nolen) –

Driving IR Beacons via Waste Heat (ARO, Ryan Nolen) –

Hyperbolic Dispersive IR Detectors H-DID –

Controlled Emissivity for IR Beacons and Thermal Signature Management (Scott Criswell) –

Active Tuning Approaches

Active Tuning w/ Phase Change Materials (Mingze He) –

Dynamic Approaches to Graphene Plasmonics (Guanyu Lu) –