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Lab Capabilities and Layout

Full Infrared Characterization lab from 30 to 8000 cm-1, from 77 to 873 K, samples as small as 5×5 um and as a function of angle.  Includes transmission, reflection, absorption, emissivity and thermal emission, and luminescence. Also offers modulated spectroscopies such as photoreflectance.

  1. Bruker Vertex 70v FTIR spectrometer (spectral coverage 1.3um-1000um, 0.5cm-1 resolution).
    Pike variable angle transmission tool
    Pike variable angle transmission tool

    Operated either under vacuum or ultra pure nitrogen purge.

  2.  RotatIR variable angle transmission accessory (0-90 degrees). Mounts samples from 5mm-2cm
  3. Collimated and un-collimated input ports for external light sources
  4. Water cooled Linkam sample stage (RT – 600 oC) for thermal emission samples (>1cm in size)
  5. (under development) Modified GladiATR III variable angle ATR with 200um diamond prism for ATR microanalysis.
  6. Veemax with Ge, Si and ZnSe prisms for variable angle reflectance and ATR measurements.
  7. Hyperion 2000 FTIR Microscope, (spectral coverage 1.3um-100um), operated under nitrogen purge
  8. 15x, 36x and grazing angle reflective IR microscope objectives capable of analysing samples to 20um in size in both reflection and transmission
  9. 5x Ge refractive objective operational over 4-12um, measuring samples down to 50um in reflection or transmission
  10. ATR objective with Ge prism (100um size) for micro-analysis.
  11. Emission adaption for infrared thermal emission measurements using Linkam FTIR600 stage (see below). Minimum sample size at high T – 30um by 50um, recommended 100um

    Pike Veemax variable angle ATR and reflection rig
    Pike Veemax variable angle ATR and reflection rig
  12. Configured for both collimated and un-collimated external pump light sources from laser bay.
  13. Step-Scan FTIR in Bruker Vertex 70V and Hyperion microscope. Maximum time resolution of 5ns using fast ADC.
  14. Configured for infrared PL measurements using amplitude modulation using the laser bay
  15. (in development) Infrared photoreflectance using hyperion microscope
  16. Linkam FTIR 600 cryostat – temperatures from 77 to 873K in air or nitrogen atmospheres, compatible with reflection and transmission spectral measurements in FTIR/Hyperion using either KBr or diamond windows. Samples should be 1.5cm or less in size. Sample mounts for angle dependant measurements < 3mm in size.
  17. Pump laser bay; Diode lasers at 405, 450 (FC), 520, 640 (FC), 732, 915, 1060 (FC) and 1550nm wavelengths. (in development) Argon Ion laser for UV pumping. Optical chopper wheel, SR830 lock in amplifier and electronics for modulation measurements
  18. Neaspec s-SNOM with QCL covering 850-1225, 1440-1690 1/cm
  19. nano-FTIR with broadband laser 610–1400 1/cm (A), 700–1720 1/cm (B), 1000–2000 1/cm (C), 1200–2200 1/cm (D) and 1450–2200 1/cm (E)
  20. Pump-probe nano-FTIR with 390 nm and 1560 nm pump lasers

Ryan at the Hyperion                           Laser Bay