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October, 2018

Our work using plasmonic band structure to understand polaritons in metamaterials was just published!

Oct. 29, 2018—Our work using plasmonic band structure to understand polariton hybridization in metamaterials was just published in Optics Express! Check it out here!

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Refraction of Hyperbolic Polaritons using Phase Change Materials

Oct. 26, 2018—We are delighted to say that our work on┬ácontrolling hyperbolic polaritons in hBN using the phase change material VO2 has been published in Nature Comms! Also – Check out Tom and Josh’s News and Views published in nature this week!  

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Our work probing hyperbolic polaritons using infrared attenuated total reflectance was just published in MRS Communications!

Oct. 2, 2018—We’re very excited to have published our work using the attenuated total reflectance technique to probe the hyperbolic phonon polaritons in hexagonal boron nitride. This technique is a great new tool in exploring a host of 2D materials! Check it out here.

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