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March, 2022

Check out our new collaborative work with Alexander Paarmann’s group!

Mar. 29, 2022—Our recent collaborative work with Alexander Paarmann’s group demonstrates super-resolution microscopy in the long-wave infrared (LWIR) range using IR-visible sum-frequency generation. The localized surface phonon polaritons in 4H-SiC nanostructures are imaged as a proof-of-concept. Check it out here!

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Our work discovering “Shear” polaritons was just published in Nature!

Mar. 17, 2022—Check out our recent work published in Nature! With collaborators we discovered new “shear” hyperbolic polaritons that arise from the asymmetry in monoclinic beta-Gallium Oxide. These unique polaritons show remarkable new physics, and offer huge promise in controlling light propagation at the nano-scale! Find the article here! And a press release here!

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Check out our Perspective paper on ACS Photonics!

Mar. 14, 2022—Take a look at the recent Perspective paper on ACS Photonics! We introduced the physics and theories of anisotropic polaritons, reviewed the recent progress, and moved on to a discussion of outstanding challenges and potentials in this field. This is a collaborative work with Prof. Thomas G. Folland at The University of Iowa, Jiahua Duan and Prof. Pablo...

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