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Dielectric Functions and Algorithms

2D Materials

B11 hBN Dielectric Constants – A. J. Giles and J. D. Caldwell – Ref: A. J. Giles et al. “Ultralow-loss polaritons in isotopically pure boron nitride”, Nature Materials, 17(2), 134-139 (2018).

hBN Dielectric Constants – J. D. Caldwell – Ref: J. D. Caldwell et al. “Sub-diffractional volume confined polaritons in the natural hyperbolic material hexagonal boron nitride”, Nature Communications, 5, 5221 (2014).

cBN Dielectric Constants – I. Chatzakis and J. D. Caldwell – Ref: I. Chatzakis et al. “Strong Confinement of optical fields using localized surface phonon polaritons in cubic boron nitride,” Optics Letters, 43(9), 2177-2180 (2018).

MoO3 Dielectric Function – T.G. Folland and J.R. Matson w/ Alonso-Gonzales group (Oviedo) – Ref: G. Álvarez‐Pérez et al. “Infrared Permittivity of the Biaxial van der Waals Semiconductor alpha-MoO3 from Near- and Far-Field Correlative Studies”, Advanced Materials 32, 1908176 (2020).

isotopically enriched cBN dielectric functions

HfSe2 Dielectric FunctionKowalski, R. A. and Nolen, J. R., Mid- to Far-Infrared Anisotropic Dielectric Function of HfS2 and HfSe2. Adv. Optical Mater. 2022, 10, 2200933.

Semiconductors and Insulators

Cadmium Oxide – Matlab code to generate dielectric function of CdO from long-wave to mid-wave infrared. Ref: Nolen, J. Ryan, et al. “Ultraviolet to far-infrared dielectric function of n-doped cadmium oxide thin films.” Physical Review Materials 4.2 (2020): 025202.


Soft Materials

Silk Fibroin Dielectric Constants – J.D. Caldwell and J.R. Matson – Ref: D.Yoo et al. “High-Contrast Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy via Mass-Produced Coaxial Zero-Mode Resonators with Sub-10-nm Gaps”, Nano Letters, 18(3), 1930-1936 (2018).

Phase Change Materials

VO2 Dielectric ConstantsC. Wan and M. Kats – Ref: C. Wan et al. “Optical properties of thin-film vanadium dioxide from the visible to the far infrared”, arXiv:1901.02517 (2019).


Inverse design of Tamm plasmon polaritons with CdO