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October, 2021

Check out our new paper on hyperlens!

Oct. 21, 2021—Our recent work on hyperlens was just published in Nano Letters! With isotopically enriched hBN, the resolution of the system is increased significantly compared with the natural form. More importantly, to correlate the complicated hyperlens field with the objects underneath, we developed an algorithm to retrieve the convoluted images. The work is in collaboration with...

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Check out our inverse design work on Tamm plasmon thermal emitters!

Oct. 21, 2021—Our recent work on inversely designed Tamm plasma polariton thermal emitters was just published in Nature Materials, and it is also on the research news of the School of Engineering! With stochastic gradient descent, we are able to inversely design the Tamm plasma devices with numerous┬áchangeable parameters within several minutes on a consumer-grade desktop. Additionally,...

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