Clinical & Translational Career Development

Looking to get your edge?  We specialize in career development for clinical and translational scientists.

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Office of Clinical & Translational Career Development OCTSD


Coming Up

Thursday, September 19, 2019
Joint seminar: Navigating VICTR Resources
Dr. Lesa Black & Christelle Scott
12:00 PM, 206 PRB

Friday, October 4, 2019
Translational Research Forum
Guest Speaker Dr. Suzanne Oparil
8:00 AM-3:30 PM, Student Life Center

Recent Awards

Dr. Jennifer Sucre (K08)
Dr. Lori Coburn (VA Merit)
Dr,. Jennifer Herington (R01)
Dr. Lindsay Mayberry (R01)
Dr. Jonathan Schoenecker (R01
Dr. Young-Jae Nam (R01)
Dr. Lea Davis (R56)
Dr. Michael Ward (R21)
Dr. Richard O'Neil (VA CDA)
Dr. Xiang Shu (K99/R00)
Dr. Mark Moehle (K99/R00)
Dr. Doug Johnson (R01)
Dr. Daniel Barocas (R01)
Dr. Craig Brooks (R01)
Dr. Ashley Shoemaker (R03)
Dr. Wendy Bottinor (AHA CDA)
Dr. Bradley Richmond (VA CDA)
Dr. Lindsay Celada (K01)
Dr. Isaac Thomsen (R01)
Dr. Julie Lounds Taylor (R01)