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The Office of Clinical and Translational Scientist Development and the Institute for Medicine and Public Health are joining forces to organize a series of manuscript sprints, or small peer review groups to encourage authors to press to completion of a manuscript in 6 to 8 weeks. These groups are generally aimed at early career faculty, although we welcome participation by any investigator who has published at least one paper. If you feel there are people in your center or department who would benefit from one of these sprints, we would appreciate if you would please forward the following announcement. Thank you!

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Whether you’re having trouble breaking out of the block or want a few colleagues to run alongside, now is the time to join a Manuscript Sprint, coordinated by the Office of Clinical and Translational Scientist Development. Manuscript Sprint Teams are small groups of researchers, each ready to press to completion a manuscript over the span of 6 to 8 weeks. Investigators from across public health, psychosocial, clinical, translational and basic sciences are welcome, but you must have been an author on at least one previously published paper.

Sprint Teams of 3 to 5 authors meet weekly to review components of each others’ papers and keep each other accountable up until the end. Teams submit manuscript sections to their fellow group members by email attachment or via a ROCKET site one week before meetings. Teams commit to providing written comments to each other each week. Weekly meetings are used for focused comments and critique.

Orientation to manuscript sprints and writing resources are briefly reviewed at the first meeting. Depending on number and schedules of interested participants, Manuscript Sprint Teams form on a rolling basis throughout the academic year and locations vary. Groups will handle scheduling around breaks/holidays among themselves and may select new meeting locations.

If you are interested in joining a Manuscript Sprint, email for upcoming dates and locations.

Looking for dedicated writing time to work on that manuscript? Join one of our local Shut Up & Write groups, learn more here.

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