Clinical & Translational Career Development

Vanderbilt K12 and Equivalent Faculty Career Development Programs

VUMC hosts nine faculty career development programs. Programs typically offer three years of support and protect 75% of a faculty member’s time for research. Most progress to an individual K award (K01, K08, K23, VA CDA, etc.) or go straight to R01-level funding.

All scholars on career development programs join the Elliot Newman Society and receive access to Office of Clinical and Translational Scientist Development resources such as Edge Reviews, grant pacing workshops, and the monthly Newman Society seminars. Scholars are also encouraged to make use of VICTR resources, including Studios, Biostatistics Clinics, and vouchers/pilot funding.



BIRCWH K12: Building Interdisciplinary Careers in Women’s Health Research

Focuses on sex and gender biology. Our scholars have discovered mechanisms of gender disparities in survival of acute respiratory distress and sepsis, hormonal influence on T-cell function in determining asthma severity and treatment response, need for gender and race/ethnicity tailoring in dialysis care, and sex/gender differences in resistance to Alzheimer’s. Weekly work-in-progress sessions promote scholarly productivity.

Applications are received through the yearly VUMC Faculty Research Scholars application process in February as well as at other times of the year should vacancies arise. Scholars are seated on a rolling basis as current scholars receive extramural awards and come off the program.

PI: Dr. Katherine Hartmann
Program Manager: Adrienne Babcock

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LHSS K12: Learning Health System Scholar Program at Vanderbilt

Focuses on pragmatic research, patient centered outcomes research, implementation/dissemination science, health policy and community health. Scholars join a healthcare team and embed research into clinical operations to advance research, gain leadership skills and improve patient health.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and scholars are seated on a rolling basis as current scholars receive extramural awards.  Scholars are encouraged to apply no later than May with a program start of November 1.

PI: Dr. Christianne Roumie
Program Manager: Robyn Tamboli

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Pediatrics K12: Pathogenesis, Targeted Therapeutics, and New Vaccines for Childhood Diseases

Focuses on intense research experiences in the pathogenesis and basic mechanisms of childhood disease that can be translated to new therapies, including vaccines. Our scholars focus on the full range of basic and translational research projects designed to ultimately advance the care of children. Monthly meetings with the training directors focus on academic leadership skills, peer mentoring and effective lab management.

Applications are received on a rolling basis through the Department of Pediatrics K12 Mentored Research Scholars Program application process. Scholars are seated on a rolling basis as current scholars receive extramural awards. All remain eligible to attend activities as alumni.

PI: Dr. Stephen Webber
Training Directors: Dr. Michael DeBaun & Dr. Mark Denison

Program Manager: Karen Hagan

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SCRIPS: Supporting Careers in Research for Interventional Physicians and Surgeons

Supports MD physician-scientists in surgical or procedure-based specialties focused on discovery science.  Projects have included molecular drivers responsible for migration of glioblastoma cells to the brain’s subventricular zone and how oxidative stress leads to fibrotic disease in Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Options for 50-75% protected time and program-based loan repayment. Applications are accepted in February.

PI: Dr. James Goldenring
Program Manager:
Dr. Amy Martinez

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VCORCDP K12: Vanderbilt Clinical Oncology Research Career Development Program

Trains physicians in patient-oriented cancer research, which can but does not require a laboratory component. Prior funded projects translate basic/clinical/behavioral information into patient-oriented research such as the study of DNA damage, infection and carcinogenesis, tumor and germline genomics, health policy, pharmacogenomics and molecular foundations of carcinogenesis. Completion of MSCI or MPH degree while in program is encouraged. Applications are accepted in February, with positions beginning July 1.

PIs: Dr. W. Kimryn Rathmell & Dr. Debra Friedman
Program Manager: Laura Allison Woods

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VFRS: VUMC Faculty Research Scholars

Vanderbilt’s internal career development award. Faculty scholars are competitively selected across all disciplines and degree types for merit and innovation of their science. Stepping stone to NIH/CTSA KL2 career development award and/or individual K. Twice monthly work-in-progress supplements mentored training.

Surveys of intent to submit for each year’s application season must be received by January 15 of each year. (Request survey of intent.) Applications, which follow the format of an individual K award, are due February 15. Scholars who apply to VFRS may be considered for other K12 programs if their work fits a program’s focus and requirements.

Applications are ranked by the selection committee in March and scholars are seated on a rolling basis as current scholars receive extramural awards and come off the program.

PI: Dr. Katherine Hartmann
Program Manager: Rebecca Helton

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VSCHoLARS K12: Vanderbilt Scholars in HIV and Heart, Lung, Blood and Sleep Research

Focuses on risk factors for and mechanisms underlying HIV-related heart, lung, blood, and sleep (HLBS) disorders, and the behavioral, environmental, and health disparity aspects of these comorbidities. Potential projects range from basic science studies of CMV-specific T cells in HIV+ persons to population studies of cardiovascular disease and disparities in cardiovascular preventive care among HIV+ persons. Interdisciplinary focus; requires both a HIV and HLBS mentor. Scholars apply via the annual VUMC Faculty Research Scholars application process in February; if considered, applicants will need to identify dual faculty mentors, one HIV and one HLBS, and provide letters of support from each mentor in addition to the application.

PIs: Dr. Matthew Freiberg & Dr. John Koethe
Program Manager: Emily Epstein

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VSTtAR K12: Vanderbilt Scholars in T4 Translational Research

Focuses on implementation research in heart, lung, blood & sleep disorders. Examples of scholar work include how to optimize the long-term engagement of patients in text messaging interventions and the delivery of medication adherence information to clinicians, developing strategies to improve the adoption and fidelity of early mobility interventions in the ICU, and implementing community-based sleep interventions in adults with autism spectrum disorders. “ImpleMentors” provide guidance on conducting implementation research in real world settings. V-STTaR is now accepting Letters of Interest. Letters of Interest will be followed by an invitation to submit a full application.

PI: Dr. Sunil Kripalani
Program Manager: Robyn Tamboli

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