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We offer an internal review by senior faculty of any R, K, or F application, as well as applications for other federal and foundation funding sources. We cannot review applications for VFRS or other K12 or equivalent programs on campus, only extramural awards. Proposals may include: Resubmissions, revisions, and renewals for basic and clinical investigation for the corresponding NIH cycle. NOTE: We follow the NIH New R01 submission cycle.


This service complements, but cannot replace, the input of your mentor, department or division senior faculty members.

  1. Identify the NIH submission date and corresponding Vanderbilt due dates in the chart linked above.
  2. Complete a Survey of Intent by the corresponding due date. You will need your draft abstract, specific aims page and current NIH biosketch.
  3. Email a SINGLE PDF of below listed Grant Materials by the corresponding due date to

What to Include: All research and related project information listed below. Grants may be refused review if pieces are missing

  1. Cover letter – can be to us or your NIH institute
  2. Project Summary/Abstract ~30 lines
  3. Summary Statement if revision/resubmission
  4. Your response if revision/resubmission
  5. Specific Aims – single page
  6. Research Strategy – note/highlight your responses if revision/resubmission
  7. References cited
  8. Facilities and Resources
  9. PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information Attachments (if applicable)
  10. Key personnel and NIH biosketches
  11. Letters of support – can be unsigned drafts
  12. Budget – include what you have
  13. K awards: Candidate background and career goals, Responsible Conduct of Research training plan, mentor letter/training plan, and chair letter (letters can be unsigned drafts)

* Please note: We cannot compile grants.


    1. Use the NIH format required for your application.
    2. Reference the correct RFA for your application.
    3. Include as much information as you can, to help ensure you receive the best possible review. We understand some letters of support and budgets may not be ready at the time of review.

All materials are due by 5:00 PM Central Time on the corresponding due date.
No late submissions accepted

You will receive an individual video recording link and reviewers’ written critiques within a few days of the review, giving you time to respond to recommendations before it’s time to submit to the NIH. You are strongly encouraged to watch the video with your mentor. (Note: AIDS reviews are not videotaped.)

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