Clinical & Translational Career Development

Newman Society

The Elliot Newman Society is a professional organization for all physician-scientists and Ph.D. scientists supported by the VUMC Faculty Research Scholars (VFRS), K12 programs or by individual K awards. As K awardees, all Newman Society members are expected to have at least 75% protected time for research. Members are also expected to attend the Newman Society seminars.


 Office of Clinical & Translational Career Development OCTSD

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Recent Awards

Dr. Aaron Aday (K23)
Dr. Lillian Brady (K99)
Dr. Annet Kirabo (R03)
Dr. Rachelle Crescenzi (R01)
Dr. Yaohua Yang (K99)
Dr. Justin Bachmann (VA CDA)
Dr. Alexandra Bettis (K23)
Dr. Daniel Foster (R01)
Dr. Ashley Shoemaker (R01)
Dr. Maribeth Nicholson (K23)
Dr. Michael Ward (VA Merit)
Dr. Elizabeth Rendina-Ruedy (R01)
Dr. Natalie Chichetto (K01
Dr. Alexander Bick (DP5)
Dr. Ricky Shinall (K76)
Dr. Laura Keohane (R01)
Dr. Vivian Weiss (K08)
Dr. Justin Gregory (K23)
Dr. Kedir Turi (K23)
Dr. Bill Heerman (R01, R03)
Dr. Won Jae Huh (K08)
Dr. David Patrick (K08)
Dr. Jonathan Casey (K23)
Dr. Matthew Alexander (K08)
Dr. Jon Kropski (R01)
Dr. Danxia Yu (R01)