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Current Workshop Dates

Now registering for June 2021 grant submission deadlines! (May deadlines for AIDS-related grants.) You must be preparing a career development award (K-equivalent) or R01 grant.

Virtual paced sessions* run February 12 thru May 14.
• eNotebook and pre-recorded videos for self-paced instruction
• peer accountability groups
• face-to-face virtual workshops for topical discussion and open forum
• access to Edge for Scholars at Vanderbilt resources

Email Adrienne Babcock to register by January 29.
*dates subject to change

What’s a Grant Pacing Workshop?

Break It Down to Build It Better is a practical series of workshops and peer accountability meetings designed to pace attendees smoothly to the completion of a grant. Topics covered include making a customized grant preparation timeline, using task lists to ensure continuous momentum, constructing flow diagrams, navigating Vanderbilt’s submission process, and maximizing assistance from mentors, staff, and students.

Break it Down to Build it Better has been converted to a virtual format, complete with eNotebook, accompanying pre-recorded videos, and a series of virtual face-to-face sessions to answer questions, troubleshoot problems, and keep steady progress on your proposal. Between face-to-face sessions, you will meet with your peer accountability groups on a regular basis, decided by each group. Dr. Ashley Hood and Edge for Scholars at Vanderbilt resources will be available to you.

You must be submitting a grant in the associated cycle to participate and must commit to the majority of the group meetings. Up to 16 individuals are able to participate in each series of workshops. The first workshop is typically held four-five months prior to the intended major NIH grant submission deadline.

2021 Schedule*:
Workshop Start
NIH Deadline
January 29
February 12
June 5 (cycle 2)
May 28
June 11
October 5 (cycle 3)
October 1
October 15
February 5 (cycle 1)
*dates subject to change

A registration email with exact workshop dates typically goes out one month before the first workshop of a series. Email Adrienne Babcock to be placed on the distribution list.

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Suggested Activities



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