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We’re excited that you’re interested in global health!

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The Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health (VIGH) offer a variety of courses, rotations, certificates, and programs for students to engage in global health. Find more information about opportunities for:

peopleUndergraduate Students

Graduate School Students

Nursing Students

Medical School Students

Residents and Fellows

Using the tabs across the top, you will find resources to gain experience and prepare for global health work abroad.

VIGH operates globally. See where students and faculty have worked:

What are students saying about their time abroad?


“I can’t explain enough how amazing this experience is. At the hospital, there is such great opportunity to see interesting pathology, practice Spanish, and bond with physicians from another country. You can see how international community outreach should be run and get an understanding for community health.  Everyone involved is very willing tohelp setup anything that you feel would enrich your experience, so take advantage.”


“My experience in Guatemala gave me great insight into the healthcare system of Latin America and will allow me to provide much more culturally-sensitive, resource-minded care as I progress through my career.”



image1“The global health ISC is one of the best two or three courses I’ve taken at VUMS. With the possible exception of the Morgan service at Vandy, I don’t think I’ve had a better clinical experience. You see pathologies that you’d rarely, if ever, see at Vanderbilt, and practicing medicine here, even if only for 1 month, will change how you see the practice of medicine back in the States. In short, it’s a very valuable course.”