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Safety Resources

In the event of an emergency, contact Vanderbilt’s Incident Response for Travel at +1 615-322-2745
Also, be sure to find and save the “911” emergency number for your country.

Thorough preparation and planning are essential for a safe and meaningful global health experience. Reviewing travel basics, planning ahead for safety, and anticipating extraordinary events in advance will promote a safer, smoother, and more enjoyable experience. Problems can occur despite the most well-planned travel or to the most well-seasoned traveler.

When traveling abroad, you may have varying access to cellular, Wi-Fi, and internet services. Before departing, consider the following questions:

  • What are the phone numbers, addresses, and other contact information for your program’s office in the host country and in your home country? How do you plan to carry those with you?
  • Have you shared your contact information with your emergency contacts in your host country and home country (and with family and friends)? How will you carry their contact information?
  • What will your phone plan look like and how will you purchase it? (e.g. international service provider, data cards, local provider, etc.)
  • How does the international and local mail system operate?
  • How available is the Internet? How will you access the Internet?
  • What will you do if you don’t have Internet access on your phone, tablet, and/or laptop? How will you access certain documents and apps and communicate with others?
  • How will you protect your data information while traveling abroad? Consider reviewing information from the UN Department of Safety & Security.

The Vanderbilt Global Health & Safety webpage provides important information about

  • International health insurance
  • Registering your travel*

Additionally, the Vanderbilt Global Safety Resources webpage provides links to the

*All students (graduate, undergraduate, and professional) are required to register any travel that is sponsored by Vanderbilt, including courses, research, programs, trips, athletics, and other experiences with faculty, staff, and students. More information about registering your trip and other


In addition to the resources provided by the Vanderbilt Global Safety Office, the following resources provide helpful guidance and information