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Central America Resources

The following modules were created and compiled by the Center for Latin American Studies at Vanderbilt University. These modules cover important aspects of culture, country information, logistics, and considerations for Global Health fieldwork in Central American countries.

These modules were presented by Ted Fischer, Ph.D. (Director, Center for Latin American Studies) and Avery Dickens de Girón, Ph.D. (Executive Director, Center for Latin American Studies).

Module 1: Introduction to Central America

Introduction to Central America

This module provides background about the countries in Central America, including their political and civil war history, which is important to understand when interacting with patients in these countries and which sheds light on current gang violence.

Module 2: Immersion Sites in Central America

Immersion Sites in Central America

This module introduces the immersion sites in Guatemala (Primeros Pasos), Honduras (Santa Rosa, Copan), and Nicaragua (Granada, Leon, and Managua).

Module 3: Central American Culture


This module is an introduction to the varying cultures of Central American countries including the Maya, Rama, and others. It includes information about human development indicators of Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Module 4: History of Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua

Country Histories

This modules covers background information about the population, land, politics, and economy of Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Their unique histories are essential to learn as it gives context to the current situations of these countries.