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Medical Spanish Resources

Proyecto Mundo Latino
  • Learn Spanish in personalized one-hour online classes before you leave
  • Classes at different levels from beginner to advanced
  • Conversation classes for those with a basic understanding of grammar and want to improve their conversing
  • Try it out for free with a 30-minute lesson
  • Medical Spanish, business Spanish, social work Spanish
  • Homestay options for when you travel
Medical Spanish for Nurses PDF
  • Very applicable for medical students and other medical professionals
  • Purchased version includes audio, beneficial if learning individually
  • No previous knowledge of Spanish required
  • Focuses on common terms and phrases used in clinical setting between provider and patient
  • High yield scripted dialogues for history of present illness, review of systems, and physical exam
  • Spanish instructor can take on role of patient, and student as provider


  All of the following resources include basic anatomy and questions of evaluation 

Shade Tree Clinic
IHCAI (Costa Rica)
Primero Pasos Clinic (Guatemala)
Learn Medical Spanish | Podcast on Spotify
  • Hosted by Ben Tanner, PA-C; background in EM and family practice
  • Focused on healthcare providers and other medical professionals
  • Covers medical Spanish dialogues, terminology/vocabulary, anatomy and more
  • Great for beginners
Medical Spanish Podcast | Podcast on Spotify
  • Hosted by Molly Martin, MD; Hospitalist
  • Beginner to advanced audio lessons for Spanish in clinical setting
  • Also has video lessons now available
Medical Spanish: Los Vatos Médicos | Podcast on Spotify
  • Hosted by two 4th year medical students; IM + EM bound
  • Conversations and contexts mimic real medical scenarios
  • They also include song recs, slang words, telenovela movies, and more to make it more fun
Medical Spanish | 10 Phrases for Your First Conversation
  • Great place to start for absolute beginners
  • 10 basic essential phrases that any provider can use with no previous Spanish knowledge to begin and end conversation with patient
  • 12 minute video
Learn Spanish for Doctors and Nurses | Must-Know Spanish Phrases
  • Beginner – more advanced must-know Spanish phrases (70 total)
  • 12 minute video
Medical Spanish Mock Interview
  • Student film from Loyola University school of medicine of a mock interview with a patient presenting with abdominal pain
  • As noted in the comments, the provider should typically address the patient with “usted” instead of “tu”
  • 14 minute video
Canopy Speak
  • Designed for quick communication with patients in a clinical setting
  • Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Japanese, and more
  • Written translations can be played with audio
  • Includes 4,000+ common medical phrases across 9 specialties
  • Anesthesia, Dentistry, Dermatology, EM, General Surgery, IM, OBGYN, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics
  • Greeting + Goodbye, History, PE, Labs, Radiology, Procedures, Rounding, L+D, Gynecology, Reassessment, Plan, and more
iTranslate Translator
  • Excellent features for translation of many languages
  • Translates text, voice, images, and even your surroundings
  • Offline mode does not work
Nashville Spanish-English conversation group (meet up)
  • Conversing in Spanish is one of the best ways to practice and improve!
  • Meet up with this group for casual conversation in Spanish while doing fun activities such as hiking, meeting at restaurants, or salsa dancing
  • Joining a conversation group here can be helpful since English speakers can help explain words/phrases that are new to you