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Global Health Modules

Our team of VIGH-affiliated faculty has created a series of video presentations on a variety of global health topics.

You can access these videos on our VIGH Global Health Training Videos YouTube channel or using the links below.

(Note: some videos may require “login” to Spark – please use your VUnetID to log in)

Global Health Modules

Implementation Science and Quality Improvement

A three-part series on implementation science and quality improvement in resource-limited settings. Presented by Jimmy Carlucci, MD. 

  1. Introduction (Part One)
  2. Quality Improvement (Part Two) 
  3. Case Study in Mozambique (Part Three) 

Infectious Diseases

These presentations provide a foundational overview of the epidemiology, prevention, and management behind each given infectious disease. 

  1. Chikungunya  – Presented by Paul Jacob, MD., MPH.
  2. Dengue Fever  – Presented by Paul Jacob, MD., MPH.
  3. Helminths of Global Importance – Presented by David Dobrzynski, MD.
  4. Hemorrhagic Fever – Presented by Paul Jacob, MD., MPH.
  5. Malaria – Presented by David Dobrzynski, MD. 
  6. Yellow Fever – Presented by Paul Jacob, MD., MPH. 
  7. Zika Virus – Presented by Paul Jacob, MD., MPH. 
  8. HIV/AIDS – Presented by Bill Wester, MD., MPH.
  9. Tuberculosis – Presented by Mohammed Shwetar.
  10. Lymphatic Filariasis – Presented by Elizabeth Rose, MPH. 
  11. Subcutaneous Filariasis – Presented by Elizabeth Rose, MPH. 
  12. Serous Cavity Filariasis – Presented by Bill Wester, MD., MPH. 
  13. Endemic Fungal Infections – Presented by Bill Wester, MD., MPH.
  14. Cholera – Presented by Juanita Prieto Garcia, MD., MPH. 
  15. Leprosy – Presented by Juanita Prieto Garcia, MD., MPH.
  16. Leishmaniasis – Presented by Juanita Prieto Garcia, MD., MPH.
  17. Schistosomiasis – Presented by Bill Wester, MD., MPH.

Maternal-Child Health and Midwifery on the Global Stage

These presentations discuss an overview of global maternal health, research about engaging pregnant and postpartum women in HIV care (with a specific focus on South Africa), pregnancy complications, and fetal heart rate. 

  1. Overview – Presented by Hope Wiggs. 
  2. Pregnant & Postpartum Women: Sustaining Engagement in HIV Care and Treatment – Presented by Tamsin Phillips.
  3. Engaging Pregnant Women in HIV Care After Delivery – Presented by Kate Clouse, Ph.D.
  4. First Trimester Bleeding and Rh Disease – Presented by Jenny Marvin.
  5. Fetal Heart Rate Physiology and Monitoring – Presented by Sarah Heerboth.

Non-Communicable Diseases

A three-part series on non-communicable diseases in a global health context. Presented by Dan Guiles, MD. 

  1. Introduction (Part One)
  2. Epidemiology (Part Two)
  3. Strategies (Part Three) 

Nutritional Issues in Resource-Limited Settings

An eight-part series on nutritional issues in resource-limited settings. Presented by Douglas Heimburger, MD. 

  1. Introduction (Part One)
  2. Undernutrition (Part Two) 
  3. Overnutrition (Part Three) 
  4. Vitamin A Deficiency (Part Four) 
  5. Iron Deficiency (Part Five) 
  6. Iodine Deficiency (Part Six) 
  7. Zinc Deficiency (Part Seven) 
  8. HIV and Nutrition (Part Eight)

Medicine in Resource-Limited Settings

These presentations explore transfusion medicine, burn management, surgery, mechanical ventilation, perioperative emergencies, and trauma system development in low-resource settings. 

  1. Pathology and Transfusion Medicine – Presented by Quentin Eichbaum, MD., PhD., MPH.
  2. Burn Management – Presented by Kaitie Geck. 
  3. Global Surgery – Presented by Shayan Rakhit.
  4. Mechanical Ventilation in Critically III Pediatric Patients – Presented by Michael Ahler. 
  5. Perioperative Emergencies in Opthalmology – Presented by Sean Berkowitz, James Law, and Varun Menon. 
  6. Trauma System Development – Presented by Nick Carter, MD. 

Water and Sanitation

A two-part series on water, sanitation, and hygiene in a global health context. Presented by Elizabeth Rose, MPH. 

  1. Considerations about Water (Part One) 
  2. Considerations about Sanitation (Part Two)


A three-part series on background information, signs, symptoms, and prevention, and frequently asked questions for COVID-19. Developed by Eva Niklinska and Jake Ramsey. 

  1. Background Information (Part One)
  2. Signs, Symptoms, and Prevention (Part Two)
  3. FAQs (Part Three)

Global Health Systems, Management, and Funding

A three-part series on global health systems, governance, and actors, funding, and project management tools. Presented by Marie Martin, MD.

  1. Systems, Governance, and Actors (Part One)
  2. Funding (Part Two)
  3. Project Management Tools (Part Three)

Additionally, here are a few of our favorite global health educational resources: