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International Health Insurance

Vanderbilt University requires all students participating in international educational activities that are facilitated, sponsored, endorsed, or administered by the University to obtain health insurance coverage.

Depending on your current plan’s international coverage, you might require an additional short-term international plan through a provider like GeoBlue or UnitedHealthCare Global. Vanderbilt recommends GeoBlue but there are several options, so take the time to find the one best suited for your individual health needs.

You must have coverage for the entire duration of your time abroad. This may mean purchasing an additional month of insurance even if you’ll only be overseas for one day in that month.

Proof of international health insurance coverage must be uploaded to the REDCap Pre-Departure ChecklistThis checklist should be completed and submitted at least two weeks before your departure.

Immunizations, malaria, and other health considerations

At least 3 to 6 months before departing, visit a Vanderbilt-based travel health clinic or your local travel health clinic for information about immunizations and other health concerns for your area of travel. Some countries require proof of immunizations, so keep the yellow immunization card from the travel clinic with your passport. The CDC provides useful travel information on the CDC travel website that you may wish to review.
*Vaccination and visas costs are not covered by most university programs and students should plan to pay for these costs. Students receiving departmental support should check with their training grant administrator to see if vaccinations are included.

Student Health Center (Vanderbilt Students)

Student Health Center – Travel Medicine
(615) 322-2427

The Student Health Center (SHC) physicians and nurse practitioners have extensive experience in providing pre-travel consultations for our international travelers. SHC carries all routine vaccinations as well as all travel-related vaccines, including the Yellow Fever vaccine.

The SHC is located at 1210 Stevenson Center Lane, Nashville TN  37232-8710. The offices are housed on the third (street level) floor and fourth floor of the Zerfoss Building, which is connected to the back of Medical Center North. We are adjacent to Stevenson Center and across the street from McTyeire Hall. Click here for a detailed map and parking information.

Travel consultation appointments should be made at least 8 weeks in advance of the departure date. Many vaccinations require a few weeks to develop protective immunity, and some vaccines may require a series of shots, so it is important to leave enough time for proper immunization. Preparing for a travel consultation in advance will allow your visit to be more efficient and productive. The CDC’s travel website at is a helpful resource that will give you an idea of what to expect at your appointment. CLICK HERE for information regarding travel-related vaccinations and malaria medications. It is very important that you have the following information with you at the time of the appointment:

  • Up-to-date immunization records, including childhood immunizations. If you are uncertain as to whether Student Health Center already has these records, it is important that you call ahead to ascertain this information. In some cases, students may need to get that information from their home physicians or their families before coming to the appointment.
  • Completed Pre-Travel Questionnaire – MUST be completed and brought to the travel consult appointment. Failure to do so may result in your appointment being rescheduled.

Occupational Health Clinic (Vanderbilt Faculty and Staff)

Occupational Health Clinic
(615) 936-0955

All Vanderbilt faculty and staff who will be conducting business which requires international travel need a plan to maintain health and prevent illness and injury during the trip. During a pre-travel consultation with the Occupational Health Clinic, a customized healthcare plan for your business travel will be prepared. This includes:

  • Destination specific vaccinations and prescription medication
  • Medical travel kit
  • Travel health and safety advice

Take these steps to a safe trip:

  1. Download the Pre-travel Survey
  2. Have your supervisor complete Section 1 of the survey.
  3. Complete Section 2 of the survey yourself.
  4. Fax the entire completed survey (3 pages) to 936-0966 or mail/bring to Occupational Health Clinic at 640 Medical Arts Building
  5. Schedule your pre-travel consultation by calling 936-0955 (OHC needs to review your survey before appointment)
  6. Visits for pre-travel consultation and vaccines last about an hour, so plan accordingly.

Travel consultation appointments should be made 8 weeks in advance of the departure date.  Many vaccinations require a few weeks to develop protective immunity, and some vaccines may require a series of shots, so it is important to leave enough time for proper immunization.  Some travel vaccines are obtained by special order. Complete and send the Pre-travel Survey to the Occupational Health Clinic prior to your appointment so that vaccines which are indicated for you can be available at the time of your appointment.

Travel vaccinations are provided at at no charge for Vanderbilt faculty and staff traveling on Vanderbilt business.

Vanderbilt Travel Clinic (Greater Nashville Area)

The Vanderbilt Travel Clinic
(615) 936-1174

The Vanderbilt Travel Clinic provides health-related services for international travelers who participate in adventure travel, corporate travel, international adoption, and mission organizations. Contact the Travel Clinic directly at (615) 936-1174. See below for more information.

Travel consultation appointments should be made 8 weeks in advance of the departure date.  Many vaccinations require a few weeks to develop protective immunity, and some vaccines may require a series of shots, so it is important to leave enough time for proper immunization.

The Board Certified doctors and physician assistants at the Vanderbilt Travel Clinic specialize in travel medicine and infectious diseases, and can assist you in determining the immunizations that you will need for your trip.  The most important factors to consider when determining which vaccines are appropriate for you is your itinerary and the risk of contracting these diseases with your travel plans.  The Vanderbilt Travel Clinic staff will thoroughly review your personal medical history to make individualized recommendations.  In addition to prescriptions and immunizations, they will provide detailed travel information designed to keep you safe and healthy while you are abroad.

The Vanderbilt Travel Clinic is located at 134 Pewitt Drive Suite 200, Brentwood TN 37027. The clinic is open Mondays 8am to 5pm, Wednesdays 8am to 1pm, and Fridays 8am to 11am.

Additional Travel Health Resources