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Funding Overview

Applying for grants and scholarships can be a long and tedious process, and you should begin as soon as possible to guarantee timely access to funds. To begin this process, consider creating a budget that details the anticipated expenses you may incur as a result of your projects.

Be Realistic – Include all necessary expenses in your budget. Do not try to cut out or lower vital expenses at the onset because you will end up paying for them later. However, try not to include frivolous or unnecessary expenses.

Be Conservative – When applying for funding, remember that many organizations and committees are looking for effective use of funds. Therefore, be as honest and accurate with costs as possible.

Be Precise – Make sure that the needs included in your budget adequately represent the needs of your project. When applying for funding, ensure that the expenses listed in your budget and the requirements of your project match.

Provide Justification – Even if not specified, it is always helpful to include a justification or narrative section when submitting a budget for funding. Use this section to briefly explain why your expenses are necessary and how you plan to thoughtfully use the funding for academic contribution and humanitarian benefit.

Resources & Opportunities:

This website provides helpful tips in crafting a resume specifically for scholarship applications.

You may wish to use this Budget Template with Important Links, which includes tabs with additional information about funding sources and items to consider including in your budget.

Explore Vanderbilt (Internal) or External funding sources.