Lwala Community Alliance

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LINK http://lwalacommunityalliance.org/
LOCATION rural Western Kenya
LANGUAGES English and Swahili; most people in Lwala speak Dholuo

The mission of the Lwala Community Alliance is “to build the
 capacity of the people of Lwala to advance their own
comprehensive well-being.” Through honed focus, holism, community collaboration, cultural sensitivity, and accountability, the Lwala Community Alliance works to accomplish this mission as a multi-dimensional community development agency. With health as the central focus, Lwala Community Alliance also has programs which encompass education, economic development and public health outreach.

Recent VU trainee projects
  • Developing a knowledge-behavior survey of women, men, and Lwala Hospital Staff to assess attitudes, understanding, and practice regarding family planning
  • Improving Malaria Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention at the Lwala Clinic, Kenya
  • Implementing Health Passports in Lwala, Kenya
  • The Challenges of Establishing a Clinic in a Rural Village Clinic in the developing world: The Case of Lwala Community Clinic in Western Kenya
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