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Welcome to The Goldfarb Lab


Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals with physical disabilities by using our expertise in Mechatronics and Mechanical design to develop groundbreaking assistive technologies. Our research spans a broad range of topics, from developing and analyzing the cutting edge of powered prosthetic knees, to innovative control algorithms to amplify the benefits of rehabilitative exoskeletons. Our research betters the lives of people with disabilities. The Goldfarb Lab operates within Vanderbilt’s CREATE (Center for Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology).
What We Do in CREATE


We use a rigorous mechanical design approach to solve a wide range of problems that affect prosthetic device users and otherwise mobility-impaired individuals. The level of experience in our lab and on Vanderbilt’s campus allows us to evaluate the complexities of the most challenging problems. Each design process begins with an in-depth study of the relevant unknown factors, often performed using the CREATE’s advanced motion capture facilities. Using the information gathered, we precisely design a device that is capable of providing the required aid to the user. Our devices are then tested using the motion capture facility and we iterate the design in response to any findings.


Our lab provides an encouraging environment in which innovation and fun remains at the center of everything we do. With a strong social team of driven researchers, we make progress on large scale complex problems while simultaneously having spontaneous, often goofy fun. This lively environment couple with the lab’s culture of focus and ingenuity establishes a lab where innovation thrives.