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Upper Extremity Prostheses

We have conducted a considerable amount of research in transradial and transhumeral arm prostheses, and control methods for them.  Among this work, we have developed several multigrasp hand designs that examine trade-offs in number of degrees-of-freedom and degrees-of-actuation, and how to couple the former into the latter in ways that balance dexterity and controllability. We have developed a number of control methods that coordinate measurement of movement and movement patterns with EMG to vastly improve control of movement for users of myoelectric multi-DOF arm prostheses.

Vanderbilt Multigrasp Hand Prosthesis (3rd generation)

Vanderbilt multigrasp hand (VMG)

Mapping of degree-of-actuation to degrees-of-freedom

Mapping of degrees-of-actuation to degrees-of-freedom

VMG grasp taxonomy

VMG grasp taxonomy

VMG movements

Multi-grasp myoelectric control

Assessment of functionality with Southampton Assessment Protocol

Vanderbilt transhumeral prosthesis