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Lower Limb Exoskeleton

We have conducted a considerable amount of research in lower-limb exoskeletons, having developed the lower-limb exoskeleton now sold commercially available as the Indego exoskeleton. Our lower-limb exoskeleton was the first modular exoskeleton, the first to use exoskeleton configuration to control movement, and the first to incorporate cooperative FES. We have developed controllers to provide mobility for individuals with motor-complete SCI, motor-incomplete SCI, and hemiparesis, in addition to controllers for the cooperative control of the exoskeleton with FES.


Michael in exoskeleton

Vanderbilt lower limb exoskeleton (now sold as the Indego exoskeleton)

Ryan in exoskeleton

Design topology of Vanderbilt lower limb exoskeleton


Configuration-based control of exoskeleton movement


Demonstration of individual with motor-complete SCI walking


Demonstration of individual with motor-incomplete SCI using Indego with advanced gait controller