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How do I add Google Analytics to my website?

To start collecting basic data for your website, you will need to create a new Google Analytics account if you do not have one. Visit, click the Sign in to Analytics button (top right), and follow the on-screen instructions. Set up a property in the account you have created. You will need to copy the tracking code from…

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Using Custom Fields

If the Custom Fields option isn’t showing on your Edit Page  / Edit Post Screen — Click on SCREEN OPTIONS in the upper right corner.  And be sure the “Custom Fields” option is clicked.   If you have never used a custom field before you will type in the name of the custom field —…

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Can I keep my current web address?

Do you currently have your website at ? Option One: Request ITS to redirect your current folder If you would like to keep this address — and have it point to your new website on — simply fill out a request through ITS to set up a REDIRECT. Go to this form:…

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How can I import content from another WordPress website?

Part ONE: Login to your current WordPress website. Click on EXPORT under TOOLS. Choose to export all content.  And click Download Export File. It will then download a file to your computer with the export from your site. You will use this file in the next part. Part TWO: Login to your new website….

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Can I manually build my menu? How do I arrange the links in my navigation?

There are a few different ways you can handle your navigation. By default – the menu is automatically built. The order is based on the order in which the pages were created. Using Page Order to rearrange menu You will most likely want to change this order.  If you still want to keep the AUTO…

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My home page won’t show up! (or how do I change what my homepage is)?

If you have changed the name of the default HOME PAGE that is set up automatically when you create your site, you will need to update the FRONT PAGE READING settings. To do this:  Click on the SETTINGS and then READING menu in the left column. Under the top section FRONT PAGE DISPLAYS.  In…

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How do I get the full toolbar to show up?

Does the toolbar look like this when you are editing posts and pages? If so – that is the LIMITED toolbar.  You will want to go in and update your user profile so that you can use the FULL toolbar. To do that — click on USERS and then YOUR PROFILE in the left column….

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How can I put my school logo in the header?

It’s easy to brand your website with your specific school at Vanderbilt. Login to your website. Click on the APPEARANCE tab on the left, and then Vanderbilt Brand. Click the plus sign next to GENERAL SETTINGS. From the dropdown, select the school you want to use. Click SAVE CHANGES. Your site will now display…

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How can I put an image on my page?

1. Click the insert image button 2. Choose the file on your computer that you want to add and click Upload. (Or click MEDIA LIBRARY to see all the images you have previously used, and select one from there by clicking SHOW) 3. Review all the options for your image after it’s uploaded:  caption, alignment,…

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How do I put a youtube / vimeo / etc video on a page?

It’s almost too easy. Paste the URL of the youtube or vimeo video onto a new line in the page. When you publish the page — it will put the video player on the page where the URL was. (You will only be able to see the video on the page itself — not within the…

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