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Caglar Oskay delivered an invited talk at University of Pittsburgh – 11/05/2021

Posted by on Friday, November 5, 2021 in News.

Lecture Title: Multiscale Discrete Damage Theory – A Novel Approach for Multiscale Modeling of Failure in Heterogeneous Materials

Location: Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.


Most engineering systems are now made of engineered materials, where the material and the structure are co-designed to achieve unprecedented mechanical properties and performance. Furthermore, achieving the confidence level to design them as close as possible to their limit states (i.e., near failure) is critical for leveraging these properties, and optimizing structural performance and cost. In this talk, we will discuss a new multiscale modeling and simulation framework to predict the failure and fracture behavior of heterogeneous structures (i.e., structures made of heterogeneous materials) subjected to static and fatigue loading conditions. The key problem we will talk about is how to achieve computationally efficient, physics-based and multiscale prediction capability for failure response when the structure exhibits diffuse crack patterns that are affected by the material microstructure. Formation of diffuse crack patterns is an important mechanism by which engineered materials are able to handle large loads and sustain them for a long time without failing. We will focus our attention on long fiber reinforced composites that are prevalent in aerospace and automotive industries, and becoming more prominent in civil infrastructure applications.