A Cold War Exodus

A Cold War Exodus: How American Activists Mobilized to Free Soviet Jews

A COLD WAR EXODUS How American Activists Mobilized to Free Soviet Jews New York University Press, 2024 View on Amazon Reveals the mass mobilization tactics that helped free Soviet Jews and reshaped the Jewish American experience from the Johnson era through the Reagan–Bush years What do these things have in common? Ingrid Bergman, Passover matzoh,…

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Elie Wiesel Goes to Moscow: On the (In)visibility of Systemic Antisemitism

Vanderbilt Law School, Dean’s Lecture Series on Race and Discrimination April 3, 2023 Two decades after he was liberated from Auschwitz, and two decades before he won the Nobel Peace Price, Elie Wiesel visited the USSR to report back on the plight of Soviet Jews. His 1966 travelogue, The Jews of Silence, became the galvanizing…

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Tours That Bind — A Study of Birthright Israel

TOURS THAT BIND Diaspora, Pilgrimage and Israeli Birthright Tourism New York University Press, 2010 View on Amazon Since 1999 hundreds of thousands of young American Jews have visited Israel on an all-expense-paid 10-day pilgrimage-tour known as Birthright Israel. The most elaborate of the state-supported homeland tours that are cropping up all over the world, the…

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