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CFP Championship Chances

Vroom-Daddy CFP Championship Chances 2020 School Conf PF PA SOS SRS ODDS PROB PTS LSU SEC (West) 48.9 21.6 5.52 24.9 13.4 57.2% (2.83) Clemson ACC (Atl) 45.3 11.5 1.20 22.1 10.0 42.8% 2.83 CFP Final V-Man Rankings 1/4/20 / Football Reference / NCAA CFP V-Power Rank 12/9/2019 / College Football Playoff. CFP Conference Playoff Chances 12/6/19./ Vegas CFP Betting Lines. NCAA CFP…

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ACC Network Goes Live

Interview with FOX Business. PDF. FOX: We’re working on a story today about ESPN’s launch of the ACC Network and what it could mean for the balance of power in college sports, in terms of revenue and other benefits. Would love to get your thoughts on the network’s financial prospects and if it could boost…

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Azteca West

Interview with San Diego Union-Tribune. I’m working on a story about SDSU’s Mission Valley stadium with the news hook that it’s signed a $250M contract with Clark Construction Company. I was hoping to pick your brain on a few things. – What do you make of Clark Construction Company? What does the selection signal, if…

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Elephant in the Room

Interview with Bloomberg News. / NFL Draft Graphics. Given your expertise in NFL and its CBA, curious if you might be able to do some rough calculations on how much Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence might be losing out on by having to spend at least the next two seasons in college before being eligible for the NFL…

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NCAA-F VRX Bowl Season Picks

Updated V-Power Picks 1/7/19. Updated V-Power Picks 1/1/19. Updated V-Power Picks 12/30/18. Updated V-Power Picks 12/27/18. Updated V-Power Picks 12/26/18. Updated V-Power Picks 12/24/18. Updated FBS V-Power Results 12/21/18. FBS V-Power Bowl Picks. V-power picks: Slow start. Taking and Giving Points. Bowl-Season Picks and Point Spreads. FBS Logit Power Picks 12/2/18  

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Pac-12 For Sale

Interview with Inside Higher Ed./ Pac-12 NewCo. I wondered if you had some time to hop on the phone today to chat about this: The idea of a private investor in the Pac-12 (nonprofit) is interesting to me. Also happy to accept your thoughts by email. Pac-12 NewCo. sounds interesting but I doubt the plan…

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CFP Playoff Power Picks

Power 5 Conference Playoff Picks. FBS Logit Power Picks 11/25/18. FBS Logit Power Picks 11/18/18. FBS Logit Power Picks 11/11/18. CFP Rankings ESPN Playoff Predictor  

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Power 4 Super-League

Interview with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 9/6/2018. (pdf) (xls) Pitt made $26.3 million from the ACC in the 2016-17 fiscal year while Connecticut — a former conference mate in the Big East that is now in the American Athletic Conference, a league Pitt may well have ended up in had it not landed in the ACC — made…

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Pay for Play

Complete Interview (XL) with Bloomberg Law. The proposed superficial symptom-treating political solution to the economic exploitation of athletes at all levels is logistically problematic and probably counterproductive. The economic problem of exploitation of athletes derives directly from the vertically integrated monopsony power of the NCAA but more deeply from the monopsony power of the big boy…

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Bottom Big 10

Interview with Bloomberg News. B10 revenue splits. The B10 poverty cycle is the positive feedback loop from winning to talent to revenues to expenditures for the bottom 7 programs. The success cycle is the opposite talent revenue loop for the top 7 programs. This is the major problem in almost all sports where the rich…

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Playoff Payoff

Interview with Fiscal Times.  Is Ohio State one of the few college sports programs that is profitable?   Also, are the benefits that schools see from events like the college football championship such as rising applications fleeting? No all of the Power 5 programs are in the black, it is the bottom half of the…

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Inaugural CFP

Interview with CNBC 12/23/2014 Working on a story about the economics of the College Football Playoff. I’m looking at sponsorship, ads, TV deals and other revenue sources to attempt to gauge how big of a commercial event it will be this year and in the future. I’m also trying to gauge where it stands in…

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