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Data-Based Individualization Case Study Part Two

Case Study Part Two Title Image Now that Mr. Williams has chosen to implement the DBI process and has identified that the reading intervention program he is using is a validated program, he is ready to implement to next step in the DBI process.


Let’s see how Mr. Williams implements the next step of the DBI process.  


Data-Based Individualization Process Diagram

(Source:  National Institute for Intensive Intervention)


Mr. Williams looks at the second step of the DBI process, progress monitoring.  He has been progress monitoring Joe’s reading fluency every week using a progress monitoring tool that the Curriculum Team selected using the NCII Academic Progress Monitoring Tools Chart.


Joe's Original Progress Monitoring Graph with 4 points below the aim line


He has graphed his results each week.  Mr. Williams included and aim line on his graph to see how Joe is doing based off the goal.  Joe is a 4th grader who is currently reading 28 words per minute on a 4th grade level text and his goal is goal is 110 words per minute.

Mr. Williams looks at Joe’s current progress and where his goal is and decides that Joe is not responding to the Tier II reading intervention as well as the other students in his class.  Joe’s current scores on the fluency progress monitoring are falling below the aim line.  This alerts Mr. Williams that Joe is not on track to meet his current goal of 110 words per minute on 4th grade level text.

He consults the DBI process guide and notes that Joe is unresponsive to the current instruction with the prescriptive reading program.  He moves to step next step of the DBI process, diagnostic assessment.


Let’s visit Cast Study Part Three to see how Mr. Williams implements the information from his diagnostic assessments.  


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