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Explicit Instruction Case Study Conclusion

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We have examined over the course of Mrs. Adams lesson how she used the elements of explicit instruction in her lesson on the digraph “sh.”  The wonderful things about explicit teaching is that it becomes systematic from lesson to lesson.  While you focus on instruction and delivery, students become familiar with your response signal, have frequent opportunities to demonstrate their learning and you are able to closely monitor students performance and provide immediate and corrective feedback.

Below are two resources to help you get started with explicit teaching in your classroom.


Click on an image to go to the page and learn more about explicit teaching resources. 

Click on the image to visit the page on this website for Archer and Hughes Explicit Instruction

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This page provides additional information about the book “Explicit Instruction:  Effective and Efficient Teaching” by Anita Archer and Charles Hughes.  This page also provides information about their website that include additional case studies as well as video examples of explicit instruction in practice.

Click on this image to visit this websites information about the Intensive Intervention Course for Features of Explicit InstructionClick on this image to visit the page 

This page contains information about the National Institute for Intensive Intervention’s self-paced courses on the Features of Explicit Instruction.  This module contains a guidebook, along with video modules, on the feature of explicit instruction as well information on additional module for explicit instruction.


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